Advanced Starter Pack

The Starter Pack Includes:

  • 9 Brightly A3 Laminated Posters of the 10 advanced skills for each award.
  • 45 Medals (5 of each level)
  • 45 Certificates (5 of each level)
  • 45 Skills tick sheets (5 of each level)

There are 9 levels of the Advanced Gymnastics Award Scheme in total.  This is split by 3 levels 8’s (Bronze), 3 level 9’s (Silver) and 3 level 10’s (Gold).

These eye catching posters feature many advanced elements worked through in a progressive way that children should aim to achieve to build a solid foundations gymnastics skills.  The advanced levels should only be set for those who have already completed the General awards or who are able to perform the skills required to carry out the advanced moves.  The advanced skills can only be taught by an qualified gymnastics instructor who has the knowledge base and expertise to assist in learning these more difficult skills.

The posters consist of images of the basic shapes, rebound work, apparatus activities, balancing, strength and coordination exercises which are considered fundamental in the of learning gymnastics.  Each image also has a written description.

Each award comes with matching certificates and medals which corelate to the Level of the Award a child has been working on.  Children are more likely to feel motivated by easily knowing which award comes next and being able to collect the full set of bronze, silver and gold medals!

A handy tick sheet is also available to download for teachers and coaches to list children’s names against the elements of the award. Suggested adaptations of the awards for children with disabilities are available free of charge.

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