Recreational Gymnastics
Awards for clubs and schools

A fun filled, colourful and comprehensive gymnastics awards journey providing three award schemes and covering 19 levels of gymnastics mapped out by passionate and experienced qualified gymnastics coaches.

Starting with the Early Years Awards, Hubert the Gymnast Bear takes younger children on exciting adventures accompanied by catchy upbeat music. Children can then follow the colours of the rainbow with the General Gymnastics Awards designed to build solid foundations for basic gymnastics skills progression, before moving onto the Advanced Scheme, which aims to develop and challenge higher level recreational gymnasts.


Recreational Gymnastics Awards
early years gymnastics award medal

Early Years Awards

Hubert the Gymnast Bear takes younger children on exciting adventures through Early Years Gymnastics movement, complete with catchy songs and A3 posters that guide the complete journey. Just pick up a Teddy (or bean bag) and follow Hubert through the various actions. Certificates, medals and stickers are available to reward the Young Adventurers!


recreational gymnastics award medal

General Gymnastics Awards

A simple and progressive recreational gymnastics journey for beginner and intermediate level recreational gymnasts, which include key preparation exercises to help build up to basic gymnastics skills, such as handstands and cartwheels.  Starting with Level 1 and working up to Level 7,  children are able to follow this bright, colourful and easy to follow scheme, complete with matching certificates, medals and posters.

Advanced gymnastics award medal

Advanced Awards

Providing Advanced Recreational Gymnasts a scheme to help learn the more challenging skills.  From Bronze to Silver then onto Gold, this 9 part scheme offers a progressive journey to include key drills and preparation exercises commonly taught in order to be ready to perform advanced skills such as Back and Front Handsprings, Free Cartwheels and Somersaults.  Posters, Certificates and medals available to reward progress plus the option to focus on specific skills if the gymnast prefers

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