General Gymnastics
Awards scheme

Building solid foundations for gymnastics skills progression through colours of the rainbow from Level 1 to Level 7.  Recommended for children from age 5 and up…

General Gymnastics Awards scheme

  • There are 7 levels which make up the General Gymnastics Award scheme.  These are recommended for children from the age of 5 years old.
  • Each Level has a distinct colour, starting with Red for Level 1 and working through Orange, Yellow, Green. Blue, Purple and Pink to Level 7.  These simple and bright awards motivate children to work through the whole colourful set.
  • The Awards have been carefully constructed by qualified coaches to include drills and preparation exercises that gradually build up to achieving key basic gymnastics skills (Including rolls, handstands and Cartwheels.)
  • They also cover basic shapes, rebound work, apparatus activities, balancing, strength and coordination exercises which are considered fundamental in the of learning gymnastics.
  • A3 Laminated posters are available to purchase which shows all the elements of each award, colour coded to match the level.  Images of gymnast demonstrators with written descriptions ensure non-readers can follow them too.  Children are easily able to identify the level they are working towards by be able to instantly recognise ‘their colour’
  • Matching colour – coded tick sheets for each level are available complete with a QR code which links to a video demonstration of all the elements of the award.  These are available to download from the shop. (See video example below)
  •  Certificates and medals which correspond to the colour of each level are also available to purchase.
  • Hubert’s Warm Up and Cool Down songs, available to download are also appropriate for the Younger children completing the General Awards.
  • Basic gymnastics apparatus is required in order to complete this scheme but can be substituted to whatever is available in the setting.
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