Advanced Gymnastics
Awards Scheme

Gymnasts move onto the Advanced Awards once they have completed the  General Recreational Awards.  Skill progressions and drills are included in the awards in order to build up gradually to be able to achieve more advanced skills such as handsprings, aerials and somersaults……..

There is also the option for a gymnast to complete a ‘Skill Specific Award’ (launching in Spring 2024) if they want to focus on one specific skill rather than having to pass all the elements on each award.  This gymnast led approach suits many recreational gymnasts who have a specific goal in mind when it comes to their training……

 Advanced Awards Scheme
  • There are 9 advanced awards in total, 3 parts in each of the 3 Levels of BRONZE (Level 8), SILVER (Level9) and Gold (Level 10)
  • These awards are aimed at children with gymnastics experience who want to progress with more advanced skills such as handsprings, aerial skills and somersaults.
  • A3 laminated posters are available to purchase from the shop showing images of the advanced skills and what is required in order to pass each level.  Many of the requirements are drills and preparation exercises that gradually build up to achieving the advanced skills.
  • Certificates and medals are also available to purchase with matching glittery ribbon in Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  •  We have also designed a ‘Skill Specific’ certificate and medal for those gymnasts who want to focus on a specific skill, rather than having to complete a whole award, see details in the shop.
  • SKILL SPECIFIC TICK SHEETS – COMING SOON!  We are currently working on tick sheets which list all the key drills and preparation exercises for the gymnasts wanting to just focus on one skill.  These will be accompanied with a demonstration video.

Advanced Awards

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