Come on everyone,
let’s go on an adventure!

Hubert the Gymnast Bear is the perfect companion to take younger children on exciting adventures through Early Years gymnastics movement!

Each Adventure award is accompanied with an A3 Laminated poster and catchy upbeat song to guide the children and to ensure they are captivated throughout. Medals, certificates and stickers are available to reward the children on completion of each award….

Hubert the gymnast bear soft bean bag toy

Hubert’s Gymnastics Adventures…

  • 3 Adventures make up the Early Years Awards Scheme: The Fairground Adventure, The Animal Adventure and the Travel Adventure.  (There is also the added bonus of a Christmas Adventure to get all children in the festive mood!)  All the actions correspond to the themes, ensuring young imaginations are captivated.
  • Each Adventure is beautifully presented on an A3 laminated poster, showing an illustration of Hubert the Gymnast Bear demonstrating all of the 10 elements which make up the award. These are available to purchase from the shop.
  • There is also a fun and catchy action song to accompany each Adventure Award.  These give clear and simple instructions to encourage and guide the children through each element on the poster.  These are between 8 and 10 minutes long and can be paused throughout if necessary.  The songs are all different music genres to make them interesting and engaging, from Dance to Pop and Soul to Country and Western.  Take a look at the detailed guidance notes in each of the Song Descriptions for a full breakdown of what’s included in each Adventure song, all are available to download from the shop.
  • Hubert’s Adventure Warm Up and Cool Down / Stetch Songs are also available to download, to get hearts racing and bodies stretched out – the actions of these songs are typical of what would be conducted in a gymnastics class setting.
  • On successful completion of  the 10 elements of an Early Years Adventure, children are awarded with the corresponding Hubert the Gymnast Bear Certificates, Medal and / or Stickers, available to order from the shop.
  • Each Adventure can form the basis of an entire gymnastics / PE lesson, in a school or club setting (Or something fun to do at home!)   Tried and tested by Qualified Gymnastics coaches and PE teachers    – LOVED by children.
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